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Belly Dance Class 肚皮舞課程

Exclusive Belly Dance Classes

Belly dance class-beginner

肚皮舞初級 Level 1 

( In this class you can learn about 11 essential of  

   belly dance basic movement )

Belly dance  - level 2

肚皮舞中班 Level 2

( In this class you can learn how to travel smoothly with the belly dance basic movement )  

Choreography learning system : 6-8 lessons for one choreography ,

learn different style sequentially

Dance style : pop song , mejense , classical , Saidi , baladi , fanveil , veil dance

Belly dance performance class - Level 3

肚皮舞表演班 level 3

( learn how to perform with inner muscle , expression and music )  

Choreography learning system : 6-8 lessons for one choreography ,

learn different style sequentially 

Dance style : pop song , mejense , classical , Saidi ,baladi , muwashahat , 

fanveil , veil dance 

Belly Dance Class 肚皮舞課程

Belly dance certificate course



We have 4 level of certificate course for the students start

with the foundation to advance level who want to know more 

about the culture ,history and the muscle control for the belly dancing


​Classes In Jordan And Yuen Long

for certificate students sign in to get the exam details


Belly dance, also known as Middle Eastern dance or Oriental dance, is a dance form that originated in the Middle East and North Africa. It is a highly expressive dance that uses the body to convey emotion and tell a story. Belly dancing is an excellent way to strengthen your physique, increase your body awareness, and explore new cultural and artistic forms.

There are many reasons to take belly dancing lessons. One of the most popular reasons is the physical benefits. Belly dancing is a low-impact form of exercise that can help improve cardiovascular fitness, flexibility, and muscle tone. It's also a great way to improve your body awareness, coordination, and balance.

In addition to these physical benefits, belly dancing can also have a positive impact on your mental health. It's a great stress reliever and helps boost your self-esteem and confidence


Belly dancing classes are often offered in dance studios, fitness centers, and community centers. They can be taken as group lessons or private lessons and are suitable for all ages and fitness levels. Some belly dance instructors may also offer workshops or intensive classes for more advanced dancers.

When learning to belly dance, there are a few things you should consider. First, it is important to find a qualified instructor who has experience and knowledge of the dance form. Look for someone who is properly trained and has a good teaching record. It is also important to find a teacher who is patient and understanding, and able to adapt to the needs and abilities of the students.


Another important factor to consider when taking belly dancing lessons is what type of dance you want to learn. There are many different styles of belly dancing, including Egyptian, Lebanese, Turkish and Moroccan. Each style has its own unique characteristics and history, and it is important to find an instructor who is proficient in the style you are interested in.

When it comes to what to wear to belly dancing class, it's important to wear comfortable, stretchy clothing that allows you to move freely. Some dancers may also choose to wear a belly dance belt, which is a decorative belt that is worn around the hips to enhance the movement and swing of the dance. We have many more classes and you can join our dance classes for kids.

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